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company news about How to install Dry Bulk Container Liner

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How to install Dry Bulk Container Liner
Latest company news about How to install Dry Bulk Container Liner

Container liner, also known as bulk container liner, container dry material bag, container dry powder bag, container powder bag, container dry bulk bag, bulk cargo liner bag and container inner bag. It is usually placed in 20 foot or 40 foot containers, which can transport granular and powdery materials with large tonnage. Because it is containerized transportation, it not only has the advantages of large unit transportation volume, easy loading and unloading, reducing labor force and no secondary pollution of goods, but also greatly saves the cost and time spent in vehicle and ship transshipment.


The structure of container lining bag is designed according to the goods loaded by customers and the handling equipment used. Generally, it can be divided into bottom loading and bottom unloading and top loading and bottom unloading.


According to the customer's loading and unloading mode, it can be equipped with loading and unloading port (sleeve), zipper and other designs. In addition, airbags and air pumping devices will be designed according to product requirements to facilitate unloading.


Advantages of container lining bag:


1. Low cost: it increases the loading capacity, reduces the working time and labor cost, reduces the packaging cost and reduces the disposal cost of packaging bags.

2. Less pollution: it is completely sealed and transported directly from the factory to the customer's warehouse, which can effectively avoid pollution.

3. Wide range of application: it is widely used for powder and granular products, and is suitable for sea and train transportation.


Applicable products of container lining bag:


1. Non hazardous and free flowing products: soybeans, coffee beans, barley, wheat, corn, cocoa powder, fish meal, peanuts, lentils, nuts, peas, rice, salt, seeds, sugar, tea, livestock feed, etc

2. Granular or powdered bulk cargo polyethylene particles, polypropylene particles, PVC particles, ABS resin, aluminum powder, fertilizer, soda powder, zinc powder, porcelain clay, titanium dioxide powder, white carbon black, wood fiber powder, cellulose acetate, silica, etc


Installation process of container liner bag:


1. Place the container liner bag in the clean container and unfold it;

2. Put the square steel into the sleeve and place it on the floor;

3. Fasten the elastic ring and rope on the lining bag firmly to the iron ring in the container;

4. Fix the bottom end of the bag at the box door with the iron ring on the floor with a pull rope to prevent the inner bag from moving during loading;

5. Fix four square steels in the box door slot through hanging ring and hanging belt;

6. Lock the left door and inflate with air compressor to prepare for loading.

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