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BP Zhuhai Cooperation

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BP Zhuhai Cooperation

February 9, 2022
Latest company case about BP Zhuhai Cooperation

Project Background


Zhuhai BP Chemical Co., Ltd. ("BP Zhuhai") is one of the largest PTA production bases in the world. The completed Zhuhai Phase III plant uses BP's most advanced PTA production technology for the first time, with a designed annual production capacity of 1.25 million tons, which is currently the largest single-series PTA plant in the world. Containers are required in the transportation of PTA, which are packaged and transported in container liner bags.


Client Request


Since the PTA powder just produced by the customer is high temperature, it is required that the container lining bag can be used normally at a high temperature of 80 degrees. In addition, it is moisture-proof and leak-proof, and the airbag type is convenient for unloading. On the basis of the recognition of our products, the customer has carried out many data tests and issued several material test reports. I am very satisfied with the quality and stability of our products. After many discussions and discussions within the company, I agree with our plan and confirm the cooperation intention!


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Products Recommended


After understanding the customer's demand for material transportation, we recommend a professional moisture-proof container liner bag to the customer according to the customer's output and the state of the material. The left and right moisture-proof bags are welded inside the bag to hold the desiccant. The sealing is made of Velcro, which is convenient for workers to operate and prevents the desiccant from mixing into the PTA raw material. It uses a special PE film,which is resistant to high temperature of 80 degrees, strong tensile force and not easy to tear. , It is not easy to be deformed after heat sealing, and has strong impact force, non-stick powder, convenient unloading, etc. It can complete a 20-foot container within 10 minutes of loading, which greatly improves the customer's production efficiency. , Set up mark obstacle inspection management for each process, package and ship by batch.


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Project summary


The success of this project is attributed to our professional customization service, so that customers can find the products they need here to meet the diverse needs of customers. Through communication and follow-up, customers can intuitively understand the performance of bag materials. Our company always takes excellent products as the core and service as the basis to build our brand image, and is committed to providing global customers with overall transportation solutions for powder particles.


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